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Welcome to the

The Cosmetology Institute

This is a school of Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Jr Instructing. The Trade School has an intense program beginning with professional image, communication skills, state laws/policies, and infection control.

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 The students are most valued here. We go above teaching basic fundamentals of our programs. Our curriculum goes beyond the books. Not only do our students follow trends, they set them. The Cosmetology Institute has an intense program beginning from professional image, communication skills, state laws and policies, and infection control. Students learn how to properly take care of themselves. The mission of our school is to create  knowledgeable, prosperous professionals.


The Industry Trade School prepares students for an extensive list of career options including hairstylist, platform artist, salon and spa owner, hair color specialists, esthetician, barbering, celebrity stylists, makeup artist, wedding specialist, image consultant, movie, photo and theatrical stylist, nail artist, cosmetology instructor, runway...


This program includes instruction in facial shaving; beard and mustache shaping and trimming; shampooing; haircutting; styling barber cuts, fitting hairpieces, and performing facial treatments and massage. Barbers also have the option to master color, bleach, highlighting, and permanent-wave services for male clients...


Estheticians are specially trained in skincare, and they typically complete diploma training that requires less than a year of study. This training prepares them for mandatory state licensing and employment as estheticians in salons and spas. The esthetics course can be as short as 9 months.


This course is for the professional who wants to advance in education. There is more room for teaching professionals. The instructor programs take 6 months to complete. Upon finishing an instructor program, you may be empowered to teach courses full time or after your normal work hours. You'd also have the option to teach in speciality areas. 


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The Industry Trade School is the first school in Augusta GA to bring such diversity to Barbering. Understanding the traditions of the profession are guaranteed to be inspiring. With barbering being one of the oldest professions in the world, it is still at a high demand today, here is where you will learn about all of its cultural trends.

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We Implement


Distance Education is a convenient way to gain hours from home. Students can, but not required to attend a minimum of the following hours on school campus:
Esthetics: 16 hours per week
Barbering: 16 hours per week
Cosmetology: 21 hours per week

Our institution follows guidelines to keep the school in compliance.
Students are required to meet the following technical requirements to participate:

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  • You must have an online course account.

  • iPad, laptop, Chromebook, or other compatible tablet

  • Internet Access

  • Students must agree to a 16 hour a week schedule.

These hours are broken up into sessions. Interaction with the instructor must be validated at all times. The Zoom App makes calculating your hours of engagement easier simply by logging in. If you qualify for distance learning complete your registration to sign up. Contact a school instructor for session times and more information.

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