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Hair Clips

Esthetician Program

This course takes an in depth look into life skills, professional image, perform skills in haircutting, hairstyling, hair coloring, skincare, nails, make up, manicuring, and facial massage.. This course prepares students for licensure, the business of barbering and promotes hands on experiences. 

This course is a 9-12 month program. We do not offer financial aid at this time. The course is special priced at $4000 until March 18, 2024. After March 18th, the course will be regularly priced at $6000. The full course amount must be paid ON or BEFORE March 18, 2024. Installment payments are accepted up until the said date. If you work during the week, this course is great for you. We participate in Distance Education. 

  • Hybrid Course - This course is partially online.

  • Course fees include (limited) kit, registration and application fee. 

  • Monday-Thursday 9am- 2pm is the class schedule. 

Please be sure about enrolling in the course because all payments are nonrefundable once the course starts. 

We do not offer financial aid at this time. MyCAA benefits are accepted. 

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The Right Choice

The best gift of Cosmetology is it holds every service under its scope. From hair care, nails, skincare and barbering, cosmetologists perform them all. The possibilities are endless in cosmetology. Cosmetology enables you to be versatile in a world that's constantly changing. Celebrity styling, platform artist, product distributer, salon owner, master colorist, etc... these are a few of the many career opportunities in the industry. 

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